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None of the most enjoyable days apart can meet with friends. So spirits, I actually came first there has been no anyone. But the scenery around it makes me amazed and feel at home.

Being in the middle of rice fields and surrounded by houses which the majority is still made of bamboo, making the atmosphere here becomes peaceful. Never I get se peaceful atmosphere of being in a village. Everything is fairly complete, school, village hall, cemetery to the mosque. Indeed order soothing eye.

Vast expanse of paddy fields and green makes me not able to withstand the desire for hunting in the surrounding area, see rice began contain green and still make the scenery was like being in a paradise that is very beautiful.

Cool air here exceeds the existing air in the mountains. The cold and breezy wind made me forget the time that the sun was scorching.

To be sure I am very happy to get the treats magnificent scenery like that. Although in the village, we also get a good signal. Even the village provide free wifi access for all citizens.

Guard post in this village was also never empty of people, the majority of young people who are cool to take advantage of the free WIFI provided by the villagers there. Not only in the afternoon, even until night also guard post is still very crowded by young people.

 It was a memorable experience and may not be forgotten because it could set foot in the tenpat. The citizens are also very friendly and very well welcomed me and entourage.

Hopefully this atmosphere I can still enjoy in the event next event

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